What Size Box Should I Use for Packing?

You’ve got a big move coming up, but what is a move without boxes? Moreover, how can you move without the right boxes?

Choosing the right sized boxes for your needs is important. If you get the wrong size, you could be left with too much supplies or too little. You might start packing and realize your items filled up all your boxes because they were too small. Conversely, you may find out that you bought too many boxes because yours were too big and ate up all your belongings.

Or perhaps you grow frustrated with boxes that are too small and items that are too big.

Saving energy and reducing stress is important for a move—which is arguably one of the most stressful life events. Understanding what size box you should use will help save you from added moving misery.

Two people stressed from moving that could be less stressful with moving tips

General Moving Box Considerations

Before you just go to the store and buy a bunch of boxes, there are some vital tips to consider:

  • The type of box is just as important as the size. You shouldn’t use a box for clothes to pack up your kitchen’s delicate items.
  • The right size AND type of box SHOULD dictate what you put in it. Don’t use just any large box for a TV.


Choosing the Right Size Box

When you’re looking at the array of boxes, you’ll generally find that they run from extra small up to extra large.

What you’re supposed to put in the boxes will slightly overlap with similar sized boxes, but you should certainly put items on the extreme ends of the spectrum in proper packing boxes.

Pro tip: put the heavier items in smaller boxes, with the lighter items going into bigger boxes i.e. pillows and blankets.

Here are the common box sizes, their measurements and what you should put in them:

  • Extra Small (15” x 12” x 10” inches): These boxes are best for holding collectibles, books and tools.
  • Small (16” x 12” x 12” inches): Small boxes work for moving books and collectibles but also DVDs, magazines, canned food, small appliances, glasses and dishes.
  • Medium (18” x 18” 15” inches or 22” x 16” x 15” inches): The most common size for moving boxes. They hold office supplies, records, toys, other small appliances, decor, photo albums and the majority of household items very well.
  • Large (18” x 18” x 24” inches): Here is what you’ll preferably use for those bulky, yet lighter items such as comforters, blankets, pillows, linens, vases, large dishes, board games, etc.
  • Extra Large (22” x 22” x 21.5” inches): Much like the large-sized boxes, you should be using this size for bulky items like comforters, blankets, pillows and towels—you’ll just have extra room in the box for more.


Specialty Boxes

For those items you just can’t easily fit into the typical style and size of moving boxes, you’ll want to use specialty boxes. Specialty boxes are often tailored to the unique and delicate belongings almost every household has.

Here are some examples of specialty boxes to help you move:

  • Wardrobe: Wardrobe boxes are exactly what you might think—a box for your hanging clothes. These have a hang bar so you’re able to take clothing right out of your closet and put it into the box. This style of moving boxes is helpful for preventing wrinkles while you’re in transit and can even fit shoes, pillows, purses and belts.
  • Dishes: For those special dishes that you don’t trust small moving boxes to handle, there are specific boxes made for dishes with dish packs. These are packing cartoons made to protect breakable items with an extra layer of corrugated cardboard.
  • TVs: Protecting your TV during a move is often one of peoples’ main focuses. That’s why it’s important to use a special heavy duty box paired with bubble wrap.
  • Files: These types of boxes are made extra sturdy for protecting your important files, photos and books while in transit—also known as bankers boxes.
  • Lamps: Made to protect lamps and awkwardly tall objects alike, these boxes help you move your tall furniture more easily.
  • Mirror and Picture: If you have a mirror or large picture, these boxes will suit those items best. With a thin and flat design, they hold artwork and mirrors well and are even sometimes adjustable.


Bonus: Other Moving Box Tips

Aside from helping you choose the right size box, there are other tips that you should know. Make moving less stressful with helpful tips:

  • Make sure you put heavier items on the bottom of the boxes. This will help ensure your lighter items are not crushed.
  • If you have space in boxes, use wadded up packing paper, towels or old clothing. This prevents your belongings from moving around. Plus, movers will not typically move boxes that are not full or loosely packed.
  • Keep all of a room’s items together to make moving out and moving in easier.
  • Pack up rooms one at a time starting with rooms that are used less frequently.
  • Label every box with the room it’s meant for and what’s inside.
  • Enlist the help of friends and family when either packing, moving out or moving in.


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