Self-Storage Supplies in Martinsville, VA

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Packaging & Storing Materials for You

Storing your belongings safely and securely is our top priority at Storage Center. Moving can be stressful but finding the right storage materials doesn’t have to be. 

At Storage Center, we offer a wide range of storage supplies, no matter what type of belongings, property or other materials you may put into storage. 

Climate-controlled or an outdoor drive-up, the storage materials we offer are suitable for you, regardless of your type of unit. 

See below for our selection of packing, wrapping and storing supplies. 


Moving Boxes (of all sizes)

Consolidate your belongings and save space by packing them in standardized boxes. Whether you need small, medium or large-sized boxes, our moving boxes help safely store, organize and protect your property. 


Secure your storage boxes and protect your items with our selection of packing tape. Specialty, protection, masking tape and more, you can rest assured that your packaging and storage needs will be met and properly sealed. 

Mattress Bags

Protect your mattresses safely as you move and store your furniture. Mattresses are some of the most valuable investments and our mattress bags can keep yours in top condition while in storage.

Padlocks for Storage Units

Seal your storage unit with our certified padlocks and rest easy knowing that your precious and irreplaceable belongings are safely stored and securely locked.

Bubble Wrap

Wrap your valuables, collectibles and precious memorabilia with our protective bubble wrap. Easily and efficiently wrap your items with durable and safeguarding material.

Dish Saver Kits

Preserve your most fragile and delicate items with our specialized dish saver kits. Safely and easily store and transport your dishware and other easily-breakable belongings.

Kraft Packing / Wrapping Paper

Encase your property safely and securely with our package wrapping paper. Adjustable to all sizes, our selection of packaged paper can fit any sized item you may be placing in your unit.

Wardrobe Boxes

Store your clothing, textiles and other fabrics in an appropriately sealed and sized wardrobe box without having to take them off hangers. Transport them from one closet to the next, without a hassle. 

Self Storage Unit Facilities in Martinsville, VA

Features of Your Storage Unit


With keypad security only accessible with a personal PIN code, our storage units offer quality security to keep your valuables, collectibles and other property safe and secure.

Climate Controlled

Whether wood, metal, plastic, fabrics, clothing or other materials, our climate-controlled units keep your stored property protected and in the best quality.


As sealed storage spaces, our units come in a wide selection of sizes to cater to all your storage needs, no matter the amount you want in your unit.


Maintaining locations in Central Martinsville, our facilities are conveniently placed to make it easy for you to rent, pack and store any and all belongings.

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