Top 5 Reasons to Use Long-Term Storage

If you’re in need of some extra space, choosing where and how you store your belongings will depend on the reason or timeline.

A storage facility typically has many different types of units—some better suited for certain timelines than others. Choosing to house your items for a short period of time or a long period of time may change how you approach storage options.

It’s important to choose the right facility, unit and method of storing items based on how long you expect to be keeping your belongings in a storage unit. For instance, you may have more prep work to do. Conversely, you may be able to just shove boxes into a unit and come back soon after—it all depends.

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Long-Term Storage vs. Short-Term Storage

Storing belongings can be a short-term or long-term commitment. The difference between the two may seem obvious, but what determines one over the other?

Short-term storage is generally when you store items for three months or less. You’re likely making a quick move or just need to reorganize a small area but chances are you’ll be back soon.

Whereas with long-term storage, you’d be keeping items at a facility for three months or more. This means you’ll likely have to prepare your belongings for a long stay at the facility.


5 Reasons People Use Long-Term Storage Units

When using long-term storage, someone is likely going through changes in their life, business or seasonal changes that constitute a longer timeline such as:


1. Renovation

If you’re about to start a home renovation, you’ll need a place to store your valuables to protect them from debris and to keep them out of the way. Since renovations can take more than three months, long-term storage options help you to worry less about your items and focus on completing your home.


2. Long Vacations or Traveling

Often times people will go on long vacations or travel for months at a time. Whether it’s for recreation or for working elsewhere for three months or more, long-term storage can help you ensure the safety of your belongings while you’re gone. These units are especially great if you have to sublet or fully move before departing.


3. Larger Changes in Lifestyle

Maybe you’re retiring, downsizing, going through a transitional phase, etc. but in any case, lifestyle changes can create the need to relocate belongings. Larger life changes take longer to settle into so long-term storage can be your savior.


4. Running Out of Space

If you have excess clothes, shoes or furniture/appliances than your but don’t want to get rid of them then long-term storage is the solution for you. Additionally, if you own a business and need room for more inventory or raw materials, these units can better handle your timeline. Free up valuable space in your home, office, garage or shop until you get more room.


5. Seasonal Storage

Many people go all out for holidays but don’t have the space for their decorations year-round. This is where long-term storage units come in. Similarly, people often need to house their seasonal equipment or vehicles such as boats, snowmobiles or even hiking and fishing gear.


Benefits of Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage units share several benefits with short-term storage units but the difference is that you enjoy those benefits for a longer. These benefits allow you to enjoy your belongings without always having room for them:



Having your belongings stored away without taking up space allows you to be more flexible with what you acquire. You no longer have to worry if you have room. Additionally, when life changes on you, you’ll be prepared and stress less.



Long-term storage is designed to give you extra space and make your life easier and especially convenient. Enjoy access to your items without added hassle. Many facilities even offer 24/7 access. Storage Center is a prime example of a storage facility with 24/7 access so you have the ability to get what you need when you want to.



Having to leave items behind, struggling with excess inventory or acquiring new possessions becomes messy sooner or later. Long-term storage is great for helping you sort out your belongings where they can stay longer and be accessed when life’s changes shift again.



When people need extra room, especially long term, they will often ask a friend or relative to hold on to their items rather than go to a storage facility. However, this can result in lost or damaged items and even inconvenience your loved ones.

Keeping your items in a long-term storage facility provides a space that is not only safe but also well-suited for easy organization with proper conditions. These units will protect and hold your beloved possessions, business inventory or materials better than any loved one’s household.


Get the Extra Space You Need Long Term

Is your life changing for a job, renovations, travel plans or even unforeseen circumstances? Maybe the season is over or your business needs more room for growth?

In any case, you can’t trust just anywhere to hold onto your belongings. You need to make sure you have a safe space that can house all of your items for an extended period of time.

Storage Center offers various storage units at our facilities in Martinsville, VA with long-term storage accommodations to match your needs. Additionally, our facilities have storage supplies and U-Haul rental capabilities to assist you in properly transporting your items.

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Features of Your Storage Unit


With keypad security only accessible with a personal PIN code, our storage units offer quality security to keep your valuables, collectibles and other property safe and secure.

Climate Controlled

Whether wood, metal, plastic, fabrics, clothing or other materials, our climate-controlled units keep your stored property protected and in the best quality.


As sealed storage spaces, our units come in a wide selection of sizes to cater to all your storage needs, no matter the amount you want in your unit.


Maintaining locations in Central Martinsville, our facilities are conveniently placed to make it easy for you to rent, pack and store any and all belongings.

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