Self-Storage Units Near Spencer, VA


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Self-Storage Units Accessible to You 24/7

Storage Center in Martinsville has self-storage facilities that are open 24/7 near Spencer, VA. Our storage units are within a 20-minute drive of Spencer and have top-notch security measures in place to protect your items.

Our units are locally owned and operated with climate-controlled spaces that can be rented short-term or long-term.

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If you’re moving, collecting belongings or need extra space at home, finding a reliable storage solution is on your mind. Having a secure place to keep everything out of harm’s way is vital.

Renting a self-storage unit gives you a safe and accessible option for what you can’t keep at home. Most units can be accessed 24/7 so you’re always able to get what you need or add more if you have to.

Rest assured your prized possessions are safe and readily available throughout your life changes.

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Locally owned storage means you get help from real people, not a remote call center elsewhere. Our goal is to make sure you have access to what matters to you.

Features of Your Storage Unit


With keypad security only accessible with a personal PIN code, our storage units offer quality security to keep your valuables, collectibles and other property safe and secure.

Climate Controlled

Whether wood, metal, plastic, fabrics, clothing or other materials, our climate-controlled units keep your stored property protected and in the best quality.


As sealed storage spaces, our units come in a wide selection of sizes to cater to all your storage needs, no matter the amount you want in your unit.


Maintaining locations in Central Martinsville, our facilities are conveniently placed to make it easy for you to rent, pack and store any and all belongings.

Benefits of Storage Center Self-Storage Unit Rentals

Finding a reliable space to store all of your valuables on top of life events can be stressful. The right storage facility makes your life easier.

Renting self-storage units with Storage Center is the best way to enjoy the benefits of a secure and accessible facility:


Self-storage units allow you to hold onto precious items without getting rid of anything. Keeping what matters most while making room for new collectibles, furniture, clothes, etc.


Trapped in boxes and household items? When clutter takes over, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Self-storage units give you a blank slate to store those necessities in an organized manner.


Renting a storage unit makes life’s changes convenient. With extra space for added items, self-storage units save you the hassle.

Storage Center’s 24/7 self-storage units give you access on your schedule. With several self-storage facilities near Spencer, VA, you can find a unit close by that matches your needs.


It’s tough, but keeping belongings at a friend or family member’s house isn’t always the best idea. Even if your loved ones mean well, their homes aren’t always safe. Oftentimes storing your possessions at any unsecured location leaves them susceptible to damage or theft—and this goes for some storage facilities too.

Storage Center has secure storage facilities where our units and your belongings are safe. Our video footage and personal PIN code access keep thieves out.

Who Needs Self-Storage Units?

  • Families or individuals moving for work
  • Families or individuals whose homes are full
  • Families or individuals who need additional wardrobe space
  • Families or individuals who are traveling without a permanent residence
  • Students returning home from college on break or after graduation
  • Businesses with an inventory or office material surplus
  • Businesses that are looking to grow operations
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Self Storage Unit Facilities Near Spencer, VA

Need Moving Supplies While On the Go?

When life’s changes occur, they happen quickly. From moving homes to acquiring last minute clothes or collectibles. Having a place to store everything is important, but so is getting your valuables to the storage facility in one piece.

Storage Center offers packing and storage supplies at our facilities so you have everything needed to transport your belongings safely.

Whether you’re grabbing supplies before the big haul or need a few extra boxes for the next run, we have what you need.

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