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Temporary Storage When You Need It

Easily Store Your Belongings For However Long You Need
Moving and can’t take some of your belongings with you? Maybe you’re going through a prolonged or permanent transition in your life?

Instead of getting rid of your items forever or paying a larger amount to store them month to month, invest in long-term self-storage.

Whether you’re moving across the country temporarily for a job or looking to gain additional space for your household items and clothes, you’ll need a safe place to store your belongings until you’re ready. Long-term storage units offer an easy and convenient solution for taking care of your valuable possessions while you adjust to life’s changes.

Enjoy a worry-free transition when choosing the right storage provider to protect your valuables. As Martinsville’s premier choice for reliable storage solutions, Storage Center offers secure, long-term storage for people who need to keep their belongings safe and stored away for an extended period of time.

Who Needs Long-Term Storage?

  • Families or individuals moving for a temporary but long-term job assignment
  • Families or individuals who are gaining items beyond their home’s current capacity
  • Families or individuals who need an additional wardrobe
  • Families or individuals who are traveling for an extended period of time without a home
  • Students coming home from college
  • Businesses with bulk or surplus inventory
  • Businesses that are looking to expand
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Benefits of Long-Term Storage Rental

There are several advantages to renting a storage unit for a prolonged period:


When you rent a storage unit, you give yourself an additional space to house your items. With long-term storage, you can now avoid getting rid of items due to your uncertain circumstances or not have to limit yourself as to what your home has space for.


Long-term self-storage is designed to make your life easier in the long run. Its main function is to give you safe extra space to put your belongings when your living circumstances change for the unforeseeable future while still having access when you’re around.

Storage Center’s 24/7 access allows you to retrieve your belongings when you’re ready. With several facility locations across Martinsville, Virginia, you can find a unit closest to you that meets your needs.


Leaving behind items, dealing with excess inventory or an gaining influx of new possessions can take up space and be a burden. Long-term storage allows you to keep items safe and organized without worrying about their whereabouts.


Leaving your belongings unattended or at a loved one’s house is an easy way for valuables to get stolen or lost. Storage Center has top-notch security protecting all of our units and facilities. Our video footage and personal PIN code access keep your items safe from harm while you’re transitioning.


If you need a place to store your newest finds or beloved belongings while you’re away for a while, Storage Center’s long-term self-storage unit rentals are cost-effective and help you as you adjust.

Features of Your Storage Unit


With keypad security only accessible with a personal PIN code, our storage units offer quality security to keep your valuables, collectibles and other property safe and secure.

Climate Controlled

Whether wood, metal, plastic, fabrics, clothing or other materials, our climate-controlled units keep your stored property protected and in the best quality.


As sealed storage spaces, our units come in a wide selection of sizes to cater to all your storage needs, no matter the amount you want in your unit.


Maintaining locations in Central Martinsville, our facilities are conveniently placed to make it easy for you to rent, pack and store any and all belongings.

Self Storage Unit Facilities in Martinsville, VA

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