5 Useful Tips for Winter Storage

Winter is known to bring colder temperatures to the Martinsville area, which can cause issues if you store some of your more delicate personal belongings outside of your home.

If you plan to keep some of your possessions in a self-storage facility during the colder months, it’s essential to have them prepared for the winter weather. No one wants to open their unit in the spring to find broken glass, soggy boxes or damaged goods.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your belongings in top shape for winter storage:


1. Clean Every Item.

Before putting anything away for storage, it’s important to clean its surface first. Dirt and grime create a breeding ground for bacteria, and if the area is damp or exposed to moisture it can easily lead to mold or mildew growth on your object’s surface, or the corrosion of metal.

The largest concern for dirty items is pest infestations. Any food-like or sticky residue left on the surface can attract bugs to your belongings. As if the bugs themselves aren’t icky enough, the damage they leave behind could completely ruin your furniture, clothes or other stored items.


2. Wrap Fragile Material in Cloth or Cotton.

Depending on what your items are made out of, you may need to take extra precautions when packing them. Objects made from glass, porcelain or ceramic tend to crack and break in colder temperatures.

By wrapping old antiques, dishware and other breakables in wool or cotton (this can be blankets or storage-specific covers), you create a layer of insulation that locks in heat and prevents the material from getting brittle and shattering. This will also keep out dust or bugs trying to find shelter from the temperatures.

Newspapers are a great alternative, but make sure to avoid plastic covers that trap moisture in addition to the heat.


3. Keep Sensitive Items Off the Ground.

When the weather outside gets cold, the floor of your storage unit is bound to be even colder. Since the ground loses heat easily, it’s best to store your more sensitive material up high. Electronics like gaming devices, old computers, CDs and more could get damaged by the cold ground, their inner workings and batteries freezing and getting ruined.

Depending on where your storage facility is located, a ground-level unit could also have a damp ground during the winter due to moisture seeping in from outside. If your cardboard boxes, clothing material, books or paintings are lying exposed on the floor, they could get damaged too.

For best practice, make sure to store these fragile belongings either in weather-proof containers or placed up high on other items that are weather-proof themselves (i.e. furniture).


4. Organize Accordingly.

For long-term storage solutions, thinking ahead and organizing your belongings as you put them in storage could prevent them from harmful temperature exposure in the Winter. This involves placing plastic bins and other objects that aren’t temperature sensitive to the outer areas of your unit, and moving all of your fragile items inward.

If the cold starts to seep into your unit, the sensitive items will be protected from the harsh chill or dampness thanks to the wall of other items that block it out.

Alternatively, if you plan to take these sensitive belongings out of your storage unit and bring them home for the winter season for better protection, place them toward the front of your unit for easy seasonal access.


5. Use a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit.

The best, most effective way you can protect your personal belongings from winter weather is by investing in a climate-controlled storage unit. These units maintain consistent temperatures regardless of what the weather is like outside, and can even provide moisture control.

By keeping your belongings at room temperature, you can prevent the cold from seeping into your unit and damaging anything.


Climate Controlled Storage in Martinsville, VA

Sometimes, you can wrap up your breakables in a cloth blanket and store your radios up high and they still get damaged from the cold that seeps into your unit. If you want to avoid these issues altogether, investing in a climate-controlled storage unit is the safest bet.

Storage Center has several indoor climate-controlled facilities located throughout Martinsville, VA. You can rent a unit of any size for your possessions and still receive regulated air temperatures that keep your belongings safe from frost or moisture.

As Martinsville’s premier choice for quality storage solutions, there’s no need to worry about broken bowls or malfunctioning Macbooks. You’re sure to find a storage unit fit to withstand the coldest winter the region has to offer.

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