5 Reasons Why You Might Need Self-Storage

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Self-Storage

As you get older and your family grows bigger, it’s easy to collect more and more items. At some point, it becomes too much.

Self-storage is an investment that will solve your overflowing rooms and obstacle-course floors by giving you another place to put your belongings. Many storage facilities have multiple sized units that you can use for any purpose.

Here are the main reasons why people move their personal belongings into storage: 


1. Needing More Space 

Let’s be honest – most people have too much stuff in their homes that can clutter the space. If you’re running out of room to put your belongings but you don’t want to get rid of them, self-storage is a simple and affordable solution.

You don’t need to sell or give away your precious artifacts, but you can get them out of the way and declutter your home in the process by putting them in storage. 

Whether you need somewhere to store old furniture or seasonal clothing bins, all of it can be put away to make room for items that you plan to use on a daily basis.


2. Protecting Valuables and Family Heirlooms

Everyone has breakable dishware or boxes of trinkets from their relatives, and there’s always the question of where to put them and keep them safe. With self-storage, you can get them out of the way where growing children and pets can’t run into and break them.

Many self-storage unit facilities have features specifically for protecting fragile items. Storage Center’s indoor facilities are climate-controlled – perfect for breakables and delicate fabrics that need extra care. 


3. Moving into a New Home

No matter how far away your new home is – down the street or across the country – moving can be a long and grueling process. Self-storage can make the move easier by giving you a place to store your boxes and belongings as you go through them. If a delay were to occur, you’d have somewhere to put everything as you wait for your home to be ready. 

On the flip side of this, moving your belongings into storage could also help when you’re trying to sell your old home – no one wants to tour a property that looks messy, but a clean and bright home can really sell the part.


4. Storing Business Inventory

Self-storage doesn’t have to be for your personal belongings, many businesses will use them to store their inventory, archives or important documents. If your business doesn’t have a warehouse or office space large enough to accommodate these assets, a storage unit can hold them and keep them out of your way.

With security measures put in place by most storage facilities, companies can feel assured that their important property is being watched over and taken care of even though it’s in a different location.


5. Studying or Working Abroad

If you’re constantly on the move, a self-storage unit is a great way to keep your personal belongings all in one place when you’re away. Students and professionals who travel abroad (whether for one long trip or multiple throughout the year) may find it easier to store their items away while they’re gone instead of getting rid of them.

This can be especially helpful if you have a lease that will end before you get back. 


Self-Storage Facilities and Available Units in Martinsvillle, VA 

Regardless of why you need extra space, there are plenty of benefits to investing in a self-storage unit. You can tidy up your home, protect your delicate belongings and work more efficiently. 

If you live in Martinsville, VA and are interested in self-storage, Storage Center has several units located in several locations throughout the city. We have both indoor and outdoor facilities and units of all sizes – whatever you need to store, we have an available unit to match.

Whether you’re moving into a new home and need a quick storing solution or are looking for a more long-term answer to decluttering, Storage Center can offer you an affordable, reliable and convenient unit.

Features of Your Storage Unit


With keypad security only accessible with a personal PIN code, our storage units offer quality security to keep your valuables, collectibles and other property safe and secure.

Climate Controlled

Whether wood, metal, plastic, fabrics, clothing or other materials, our climate-controlled units keep your stored property protected and in the best quality.


As sealed storage spaces, our units come in a wide selection of sizes to cater to all your storage needs, no matter the amount you want in your unit.


Maintaining locations in Central Martinsville, our facilities are conveniently placed to make it easy for you to rent, pack and store any and all belongings.

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